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Pets are wonderful therapy ... they bring comfort when there is pain, peace and calm when things feel too chaotic, and much needed laughter when life feels far from humorous. I have always loved animals, particularly the feline variety. I have three cats, and they are without a doubt, my "children." They are highly independent, full of life and energy, agile and graceful, and of course, call all the shots! They bring so much love, beauty and joy into my life ... and their many purrsonalities and "cat escapades" are too hilarious and precious not to be shared with anyone who holds a special place in their heart for our furry friends ... My hope is that by sharing these "kitty tales," their "escapades" may bring a little light and a few laughs to someone's day!

Please take a moment to meet my three furry children!

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In Loving Memory of Lewis

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oliver Our Security Kitty

Oliver's New Job On Duty As Our Security Kitty


Hey, what's an indoor cat to do?!? Suddenly Oliver went from tons of free time on his, ... err, paws, ... free time to sleep, lounge and eat ... to a calling much grander than that of any ordinary house cat; he is now our one and only SECURITY CAT!!!

Any excuse to buy another CAT HAT, right?!?!?! LOL!

Night or Day, it doesn't matter, Oliver does not leave his post unattended ... always finding a replacement - his brother Gus - even when he feels the need for a snack ... Oliver waits for Gus to arrive and relieve him, ... yes, I am telling the honest to goodness truth! Of course, Mr. Gus is not exactly as dedicated to the cause as his short haired sibling ... but hey, it's hard to find good help these days!!! Keep it all in the family, right!?!

And sometimes, well, it's just nice to have some company ...

Oliver anxiously awaits any sign of activity - a smell, a sound, any movement resembling that of another creature - at all hours of the day and night. He moves between the floor, where he positions himself right at the corner of the front door's slightly cracked seal, the tall wicker basket, which sits just off to the side between the stairs and the door's opening, and finally, the window of closest proximity (should anything happen that were to need his immediate on the scene kitty cat assistance first hand, ah, paw), located in the landing half way up the stairs to the third floor, positioned to view the front door stoop ... a purrfect place for a feline's curious and mischeavious eyes!

With all of this work & obviously little time to spend away from "his post," thank the kitty heavens that both the cat food dishes and the liter boxes are of equal distance, only a short romp ... as the level of anxiety & kitty attention he puts forth in his new hobby, or should I say new career, takes a lot of his feline energy! I think that it is now official, my cat has some serious OCD issues ... and while the great majority of our furry friends tend to lean in such a direction - being the nature of a cat - some do tend to take it to all new levels!

Thank goodness for that little red pillow that somehow worked it's way from the living room to the entry ... after all of this time - nearly three months or so - poor Mr. Oliver has not had comfort for his night time shifts, leaving him to fall asleep on the hard floor.

Well, all of this banter and I have yet to share what it is that has brought my neurotic kitty to spend nearly all of his hours at our front door! Oliver's purpose for being our On Duty Security Kitty??? ....

TO BE CONTINUED ... ;) Meowp!!!

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