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Pets are wonderful therapy ... they bring comfort when there is pain, peace and calm when things feel too chaotic, and much needed laughter when life feels far from humorous. I have always loved animals, particularly the feline variety. I have three cats, and they are without a doubt, my "children." They are highly independent, full of life and energy, agile and graceful, and of course, call all the shots! They bring so much love, beauty and joy into my life ... and their many purrsonalities and "cat escapades" are too hilarious and precious not to be shared with anyone who holds a special place in their heart for our furry friends ... My hope is that by sharing these "kitty tales," their "escapades" may bring a little light and a few laughs to someone's day!

Please take a moment to meet my three furry children!

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In Loving Memory of Lewis

In Loving Memory of Lewis

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pen and Ink Kitty Totem ... Designed specifically for your beloved pets

Personalized pen and ink pet drawings for sale: Have your pets honored in your very own original pen and ink piece by Brenna.

The kitty pen and ink drawing, seen on my pages entitled "The Escapades of My Three Felines," is an interpretation of my kitties' purrsonalities. I would love to offer similar pieces specialized to display your individual cats and/or dogs (or any other pet(s) you love) personalities.
The concept of the "pet totem pole" originated from a high school project which I did while in my body cast (following spine surgeries for Spondylolisthesis). The initial description of the art project was the following: Create a totem pole drawing that details a particular love and interest in your life. Of course, I chose cats as my specific love and interest, and the drawing soon took on a life of it's own! As previously mentioned, I took the opportunity to both show my love for kitties, as well as creating a design concept that would celebrate my cat's individual personalities.

My first cat totem pole (the one done in high school) was much more modern in design; utilizing clean lines and shapes. I would like to note that with both totem drawings I used a degree of exaggeration to capture and share the cat's individual personalities. With the second totem I went in a different direction, showing attention to greater amounts of detail. The two styles are personal preference, and I am happy to go either way when creating another totem to your specifications.

In order to create a piece that fully represents your respective furry friends I would need the following: pictures of each pet, a short description of each pet (more specifically - their loves, interests, and character/behaviors), along with a specification regarding style directions.
If you have any interest in a one of a kind pen and ink totem pole drawing by me, Brenna, please contact me for further information, questions, and/or requests.

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The Boys ... When they were still my "little babies"

The Boys ... When they were still my "little babies"

Kitty Cuddles ... In Loving Memory of Lewis

Kitty Cuddles ... In Loving Memory of Lewis

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