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Pets are wonderful therapy ... they bring comfort when there is pain, peace and calm when things feel too chaotic, and much needed laughter when life feels far from humorous. I have always loved animals, particularly the feline variety. I have three cats, and they are without a doubt, my "children." They are highly independent, full of life and energy, agile and graceful, and of course, call all the shots! They bring so much love, beauty and joy into my life ... and their many purrsonalities and "cat escapades" are too hilarious and precious not to be shared with anyone who holds a special place in their heart for our furry friends ... My hope is that by sharing these "kitty tales," their "escapades" may bring a little light and a few laughs to someone's day!

Please take a moment to meet my three furry children!

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In Loving Memory of Lewis

In Loving Memory of Lewis

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cat Shower ... When the fluffyman needs help maintaining his fluffy tail!

Mr. Gus and Daddy in the Shower ~ oh, the struggles of having a fluffy maine and tail!!! ... Hope this gives a few of you a moment of laughter ... ;)

Following a "pooh blowout" MR. Gus required some extra "help" to remove the problem. After trying a simple, in the sink wipe up, it was decided that Gus and daddy needed to head to the shower to truly remove the pooh. John put on 4 layers of clothing, both pants and sweatshirts, gloves and his motorcycle helmet. Yes, he really did need it! Just like 99% of our feline friends, Gus is no fan of the water, let alone the shower! Poor Mr. Fluffy howled the entire time, and his brother, Oliver, demanded to observe the situation. Although I do believe that he was more concerned with the idea of being the next fur ball in the shower, rather than his brother's discomfort.Gus was quite distraught - as any cat would be - but appeared very happy and thankful for the outcome; a clean bottom, and a refreshed fluffy tail!!!

I certainly hope that my "cat escapades" have provided a little laughter & joy in each and everyone's day! 

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  1. I LUV Your Kitty stories! They r a lot of fun!


The Boys ... When they were still my "little babies"

The Boys ... When they were still my "little babies"

Kitty Cuddles ... In Loving Memory of Lewis

Kitty Cuddles ... In Loving Memory of Lewis

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